Fiona Davies's experience in Sydney
Chowder Bay
Since the closure of the dive shop on the wharf, Chowder Bay (just around the corner from Clifton Gardens) gets way less diver traffic, despite being a frequently brilliant SCUBA or snorkel site. The wharf itself is an old Navy pier – a set of stairs leads straight into the water. The most atmospheric section is right under the pier. Sunbeams shine between the wooden pylons and since no fishing is permitted here, bream, trevally, seapike and blackfish huddle beneath in thick schools, sometimes attracting hungry kingfish. Beyond the wharf, the unassuming piles rubble are a macro hunter’s paradise. Personally, I’ve found anglerfish, several pipefish species, blue-ringed octopus, anemone crabs, nudis galore and more. South of the wharf, there’s a largish sunken boat and a massive anchor. Between two and 10m deep, this maybe the best site in Sydney Harbour for divers and snorkelers alike. #snorkeling #snorkelling #snorkel #beaches #scuba #scuvadiving #nature
Posted by Fiona Davies
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