Sydney, Australia
Fiona Davies
Sydney born and bred. World traveller with a penchant for doing things slightly unconventionally. Extreme motorcycle tour pillion rider. Freelance journalist, travel writer and occasional blogger. Couchsurfer. Superpower: eating weird smelling and/or gross looking foods.… 
Giving Advice Scuba diving anywhere in Sydney and Australia and basically the world as I've experienced it. Sharing the locations of the best, cheapest and most highway truck stop style authentic Asian food joints around Sydders. Where to get the best bahn mi, the best Szechuan hotpot, the best cumin lamb ribs, xiao long bao, masala dosa, nasi campur, bak kut teh and chicken rice. Where the best beaches are in Sydney for scenery, photography, swimming, surfing, snorkelling, freediving and laying around looking cool so you fit in with the locals.
Interests adventure travel, adventures, animals, art, backpacking, beach, beaches, beer, being nerdy, camping, concerts, culture, diving, dogs, food
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