Shirokane Tori-Tama
A popular area for drinks is Robertson Quay though I come here for more than the wine alone. Toritama Shirokane offers a Japanese yakitori experience that draws me back time and time again. I love Japanese cooking and tend to over-order each time I am here. Besides the yakitori which is done with just the right amount of smokiness and char, I go for the porridge and rice dishes too. The chamame is a recipe I try to replicate and fail miserably. I suspect that these are edamame beans soaked and boiled in special tea concoction. And we usually order more than one serving of the chicken stock. Well, it was perhaps not too long ago when we could replenish our cups of chicken stock for free but not anymore, alas. Yes, the stock is served in a receptacle that resembles a cup rather than a bowl though it may have been a small Japanese soup bowl. There have been mixed review on the internet over its level of service though that I am more keen in their Michelin standard when their name appears in the 2017 guide. Eating here is not cheap and can be difficult to get a reservation so I am making this an annual pilgrimage for now. You can take a walk after dinner along the waterway and enjoy people-watch at the same time. The crowd here is more chilled and quieter here compared to Clark Quay across the river. So hop over to Clark Quay if you prefer more action especially with the venerable Zouk disco in the vicinity now. #dinner #japanese #foodietour #food #dancing
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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