Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique
Walking along Joo Chiat and zapping across busy streets and intersections of East Coast and Katong is like taking a trip down memory lane. Seeing that the iconic red house building is still standing where it used to be is comforting to me as I see many new constructions in place of old. Next to it, I chanced upon the parlour with its pastel floral theme with an interesting name. I probably would not have associated this little corner with gelato if not because I am attracted to the buzz surrounding the ice cream display freezer and waffle machine when I step forward to take a closer look. A standing table lined in front of the see-through glass wall where patrons are free to take their spot of preference. The thyme waffle cone smells deliciously good as these are made fresh and it goes so well with the ice cream. This, with the cooling AC, is a welcoming respite from the scorching heat. It is probably a smart idea to install this glass partition. I must have attracted some curious onlookers to step into the store with my hearty gulps! #gelato #icecream #dessert #eastcoast #bespoke #foodietour #food
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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