Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre Goa
If you’re looking for a more dedicated yoga holiday, the Arambol Yoga Center (also known as Himalayan Iyengar) is where you’ll want to go. The center is nuzzled inside a property full of shaded trees and just steps away from the sea. The serene atmosphere provides for a more quiet and tranquil retreat with open spaces that work together in creating a great sense of oneness with nature while practicing yoga. With the focus on a more traditional approach, yoga is the main driving factor. Meaning, your days begin with a three-hour yoga class. The meals are also a bit more strict as you’ll find dishes resemble that of a “raw” styled diet consisting of greens and sprouts. But this is a yoga “holiday” after all, which leaves the rest of the day up to you to roam about. You can go for a walk on the beach, lay in the sun, or rent a scooter to explore more of the area. There are plenty of ancient and spiritual temples nearby, as well as beautiful hiking trails to check out. Goa is also home to an invigorating art scene with events happening all the time, in which, the center encourages guests to check out. #yoga #india #goa
Posted by Kristen Slizgi
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