The Bentota Perahera (meaning 'procession' in Singalese) is held every December. It marks the time when Budha was cremated and how he miraculously left behind a tooth. Given how it was not incinerated with the rest of him is a mystery and hence was considered sacred. In turn it ended up in the hands of a Sri Lankan King. In veneration to this, the Temple of the Tooth relic and Perahera was born. The tooth itself survived centuries having being moved around the country to avoid looting during colonial rule, especially by the Portuguese. In 1595 The Temple of the Tooth Relic had been finished. With that, coupled with the parade; these prominent events and locations are an underlining part of Sri Lankan history and devotion to Buddhism. Whilst the parade at Bentota is somewhat smaller than the Kandian perahera one can get a great sense of what it's all about. Elephants replete with neon flashing lights, all caked in robes and throws, fire jugglers, dancers, drummers and torch bearers are just some displays that will literally jump out at you as an interloper. By day it's just a humble, little rural village, which transforms into an exotic ritual of events that become ever more entrancing every head turn, right until the wee hours of the morning. #dancing #views
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