White Pergola
I arrived for an early lunch at the beginning of the week in order to sample the catch of the day with relish. The Asian ladies sitting at the table behind me were tucking into a seafood platter which was not only enormous, but a masterly presentation of what a seafood dishes should resemble. My fish arrived in good time; no longer than a 20 minute wait. During that time the owner's daughter presented me with a gift from the kitchen - three falafel, on the house. To date I have not had such delectable falafel in my life. The consistency was not remotely dry like some can be. Instead, the soft inside complimented the slightly crispy coating which worked extremely well in my palate when chewing and digesting. Whilst the unknown fish was expensive, over 150 Shekel, it was beautifully cooked and fresh. I could have devoured it without any accompaniments and still felt content. I ordered sautéed potatoes, washed down by a piquant carafe of homemade lemonade. The location is great for people watching especially if you draw up after dark when the port is in full swing. Be prepared to shell out a bit here and pay their 10% service charge. Considering the location and fair service from the waiters, it's just about a worthwhile experience. #fine-dining #open-late #free-wifi
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