Liberec Botanic Gardens
Covering an area of three and a half square kilometres lies Liberec Botanic Gardens. Nine pavilions offer a plethora of flora and small marine life, including ferns, cacti and orchids. It was disappointing that the Water Lily Pavilion was off limits during our visit and yet felt pleasantly surprised by what was on offer and how well labelled everything was. The small aquarium from the azure damsel and banggai cardinal fish to the zany black longspine urchin, was perhaps the biggest draw to the gardens. A Japanese garden containing the koi fish was another aspect of the gardens that were pleasing to spend time in. Around the pavilions are beautiful rose gardens with the backdrop of Ještěd Tower. Leave a visit here until mid-spring unless you're not partial to roses and blooming flowerbeds. Entrance fees stand at 140 CZK, unless you're a student or child setting you back a reasonable 70 CZK. Opening times: 8am - 4pm; 7 days a week. Location: Purkyňova 630/1, 460 01 Liberec, The Czech Republic #flowers #views #photography #flora
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