Mount Fumaiolo
Offering unspoiled nature, it also hosts various sports such as trekking, mountain biking, free climbing, horseback riding and winter sports on the snow. Monte Fumaiolo is subject to landscape constraints, a perfect destination for summer and winter tourism. Equipped with ski lifts and cross-country and downhill slopes, the ski resort is equipped for snow-boarding, spines, tubing and walks with snowshoes. The Biancaneve refuge offers the possibility of renting skis, boots and mountain bikes. The cross-country track, called the "Fumaiolo ring", is about 5 km long and touches the sources of the Tiber. It is entirely leveled and beaten, with tracks for both directions and the central part for skatting. There are three downhill slopes. Two of 800 meters and of 1 km long. Of medium difficulty, classified red slopes, all of them have a ski lift and an artificial snow system. From an initial altitude of 1473 meters you go down to 1270 meters. above sea level. Near its summit, at 1268 m a.s.l., is the source of the Tiber, the "sacred river to the destinies of Rome" which, after crossing the village of Balze di Verghereto, enters Tuscany. The Savio river and the Marecchia river also arise from its slopes. Flanked by Monte Aquilone and Monte Comero, Fumaiolo is famous for its imposing beech forests, the so-called "Faggete", which can be covered thanks to a network of comfortable paths that can be traveled on foot and by mountain bike. From the top of the Fumaiolo, and from the nearby Pratone della Briglia, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360 ° panorama over a large part of the peninsula, from the Romagna Riviera to the Tuscan hills to Monte Amiata, from the peaks of the Marche Apennines to the Umbrian hills.
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