Birthplace of Piero della Francesca, Sansepolcro is the gateway to Tuscany. And it is a splendid place to visit and experience. It seems to have been founded by the holy pilgrims Arcano and Egidio, returning from the Holy Land. Both would have chosen this corner of Tuscany to build a chapel that housed the sacred relics. The village was developed all around and it is for this reason, why it was called the Sansepolcro (Holy Sepulcher). But what can you see during a trip to Sansepolcro? An imposing Fortress and a gunboat surround the walls inside at the historic center. Its heart is Piazza Torre di Berta: it is here that many streets of the town converge. Another must-see place is the Cathedral. Inside you can admire the fresco of the Madonna del Toro, and the wooden crucifix with the saint's face. Then there is Palazzo Laudi, and there is the Civic Museum with several works by Piero della Francesca. The artist's house, however, can still be visited today, home to the Foundation named after him and full of frescoes that refer to the Renaissance period. A museum to visit, is the Aboca Museum of the homonymous arborist company. Also if Sansepolcro is beautiful at any time of the year, it can become an interesting stop for those who travel the Via di Francesco (which allows you to reach Assisi from La Verna or Rome). But if you arrive here in September, you will be able to see the Biennial of Goldsmith Art and the Biennial of Lace, and the Palio della Balestra (a middle age game to help you to understand why here time has stopped).
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