I went on a snorkelling and hiking on Española Island, Galapagos, from San Cristobal. This ended up being one of my favourite snorkelling experiences because of the baby sea lions that swam with us for like an hour. Snorkelling in a cave was cool too. It's also the only breeding place on the planet for the waved albatrosses. You'll also see lava lizards and marine iguanas with noticeable red markings. The normal price of the tour is $200, but I paid $180 because there was a group of us. Earlier in 2016, you can only go to Epanola via a cruise. Now you can do day tours. It takes 2 hours by speed boat to get to Española from San Cristobal. Expensive day tour but worth every penny for the moments you live. #Galapagos #snorkelling #Espanola #sealions #marineiguanas
Posted by Vincent Croos
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