Caspian Waterfront Mall
The Caspian Waterfront mall is, in part, the subject of a growing need for entertainment among citizens in Baku. Its intended functionality shifted from becoming a Congress centre in 2007 to something more suited for local residents. When it's expected to finish, the landmark will offer a plethora of entertainment, dinning and retail outlets. Five floors of stores and restaurants will look out to the Caspian Sea aiming to attract families almost weekly. The eight pointed structure is symbolic by its representation of the national emblem on the country's flag. There are elements of this design that also resemble the Sydney Opera House. Its shell shaped roofs - portrayed like a giant flower from a birds-eye view - were designed to reflect in the water. Each arch could easily pass for humongous, white petals. Jutting out inside the octagram structure is a glass tower. It is intended to be lit up like those of the flames towers, another appropriacy for Azerbaijan's connection to fire. #food #views #free #architecture #gifts #mall
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