Kirkenes, a small pearl of Norway, a delightful town overlooking the Barents Sea of Brent's. Main spectacle here is nature itself: don't miss the midnight sun the majesty of the Northern Lights, are part of citizens living. n addition, there are plenty of opportunities for wonderful excursions, like the one in the Siberian forest or taking a riverboat safari to Boris Gleb, on the border between Norway and Russia. You can discover the border cultures that have developed around the Russian Orthodox Church and the Lapps, native to these regions. Other opportunities are the King Crab Safari taken by boat along the river, the quad safari from Kirkenes to the Russian border of Skafferhullet, where you can breathe the air of Russia thanks to typical houses and an Orthodox church. You can have a tour in the Siberian taiga that touches the Russian city of Nikel, the Øvre Pasvik National Park and the Svanvik chapel is also very popular. In winter, the ideal way to explore the surroundings of Kirkenes is a snowmobile safari. There is the guided excursion to the Barents Sea or the one to Grense Jakobselv next to the border guard towers on the border between Norway and Russia and a visit to the chapel of King Oscar II. Another opportunity for a winter snowmobile safari is the one that reaches the town of Neiden, where you can visit the chapel of St. Georg (the smallest Russian Orthodox chapel in Norway) and the Skoltefossen waterfall. Nothing seems to be lacking here.
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