This little beauty, represents the last stop before arriving at the North Cape, the destination of many extraordinary and original feats of travelers and tourists. The village of Honningsvåg, an important fishing port and tourist center, winds along the coast, right around the harbor. Don't forget to visit its history museum and church particularly dear to the island citizens. It is one of the few buildings escaped from the Nazi fury. In Honningsvåg you can collect a lot of useful information on tours to the North Cape and the nearby Knivskjellodden, practice snow safaris with sled dogs, be part of expeditions in the Arctic night by snowmobile or excursions to the most beautiful cliffs. You can also fishing on boats and bird watching to observe puffins, gannets, cormorants, ducks and so on. The North Cape cliff, the island of Magerøya and the North Cape promontory are the best place here if you love views of open sea.
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