Shibuya crossing
If you find yourself in Shibuya in the rain, do not fret. One of the coolest places to be is in the safety of the Shibuya metro station, watching possibly one of the most populated pedestrian crossing in the world. Seriously, if you can avoid crossing that particular piece of road, do it. You may experience flashbacks to your childhood watching Simba's dad with that particularly brutal heard of wildebeest. (Japanese people themselves are probably the furthest removed human likeness from actual wildebeests, and you may find yourself in a 'bow off' with the countries super polite inhabitants.) In the station there is a large window with maximum protection from both the rain and the eye-poking umbrella spokes. Find it and you win a prize! #peoplewatching #funny #tokyo #asia #citylife #culture #free
Posted by Jennifer Louise
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