Harri Delf's experience in Rio Dulce
Río Dulce
The Rio Dulce flows from Lake Izabel to Livingston, on Guatemala's Caribbean coast, which made it an important trade route once upon a time. The Spanish even constructed the Castillo de San Felipe de Lara to prevent pirates from entering the lake itself. These days the river serves as a boating destination for many. It's a safe harbour during tropical storms and, surrounded by lush forests and flocks of birds, it's easy to see why so many sailors found themselves stuck here for years! The river meanders, through a beautiful gorge, all the way to the sea. But take your time - there are some amazing eco lodges, dotting the river shores, offering all manner of relaxing escapes. Top tip: borrow a kayak from your lodge and explore one of the many tributaries off the main river. You'll feel, surrounded by nature, a million miles from the office. #guatemala #centralamerica #riodulce #river #latinamerica
Posted by Harri Delf
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