Rotunda of Mosta in Mosta
Built to resemble the Pantheon in Rome, this is one church in Malta worth ticking off your list. Construction of what you can see began in 1833 in order to accommodate a growing number of citizens in town. What I found surprising was how during its construction, the old church kept functioning until the new one was finished. Staff on the door are extremely friendly and direct you to the interesting, historical facets of this sight. Thus, besides the church itself are air raid shelters and belfries to scale lending decent views over downtown Mosta. The church saw another momentous event in World War 2, when a bomb pierced the dome but failed to explode. The attendees at the time were waiting inside and its failure to detonate must have been a blessing. You can see the very shell in the souvenir shop behind the nave. #church #worldwar2 #history #architecture #mosta #dome
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