Enjoy coffee in a nice cafe. The coffee culture is popular in Japan and cafe-hopping is an art in itself. In any case, when you are in an onsen town, how can you skip this activity in such an appropriate environment. Visiting an onsen town means taking the time and space to rejuvenate your body, soul and mind which is what coffee and cafe can do for you! Psst, coffee in Japan inclines towards a mild taste so for those with a strong tastebud, you may want to order a double shot instead.  Psst psst, do you know the cafes in Japan are so inviting, you can virtually stay there the whole day by yourself. Cafes here are designed for one to enjoy the time and space alone even, with single seats aplenty. I am so enthralled by the cafe scene here that I hope to do a list of recommended cafes in Japan one day! #onsentown #coffee #cafe #japan
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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