Punta Ala
Punta Ala is a very popular elite tourist resort characterized by the presence of a well-equipped port, located at the north-western end of the municipal area of ​​Castiglione della Pescaia. It is largely covered by a dense Mediterranean trees style. The modern town is dominated by the bulk of the Balbo Castle, also known as the Punta Ala Fort, located on the top of the Capo Troia promontory. Punta Ala is set in the territory of the Tuscan Maremma, it is constituted as a small peninsula surrounded by the sea, with environments and places of extreme charm and absolute uniqueness. The coast is certainly among the most beautiful in Italy and the hinterland offers the opportunity to visit the remains of the ancient settlements of the Etruscan and Roman people, castles and fortresses of medieval origin and many magnificent natural reserves. On the height of Punta Hidalgo, is the Torre Hidalgo, also known as Torre del Barbiere, a fortification from the second half of the sixteenth century included in the defensive system of the Principality of Piombino which reached its southern limits in this area. The place, once known as Punta Troia, changed its name by the will of Balbo, who drew inspiration from aeronautical jargon. The modern tourist center was developed during the twentieth century, particularly in the seventies and it is full of pubs and shops. Punta Ala is renowned for the sailing regattas organized by the local "yacht club" and for the well-equipped tourist port, which in the past also hosted Luna Rossa. And if you are tired to get the sun on its beach, you can easily reach Castiglione della Pescaia or Scarlino (two very attractive little cities) or the Uccellina Park (a real green oasis in Tuscany).
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