Christ the Saviour - Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
This half-finished church lies in almost juxtaposition to Pristina's national library. Construction began in 1992 on the grounds of the city's uni when Kosovo was under control by Serbian leader Slobodan Milošević. Due to lack of funds and the deteriorating situation between the two sides, which led to the Kosovan War in 1998, the place of worship never reached completion. Vandalism ensued and after the war the church, like with other Orthodox churches, was put under a special protected status. Visiting this landmark is easy but be aware of the numerous stray dogs which guard its boundaries. Whilst it may seem like a publically open area to access, many dogs guard the lawn around it. In spite of the fact the church is unfinished, it still holds some aesthetic appeal if only to admire from a distance. #church #history #free #architecture #views #photography
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