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Denali Overlook Inn
The Denali Overlook Inn is the stuff of legend. To call it a bed and breakfast would be an understatement, but it's not a corporate chain hotel by any means either. The eight room lodge and detached Northern Exposure cabin was envisioned by the original owner as a photography retreat. There's not a better view of Denali, Foraker and Hunter anywhere in Talkeetna and the immaculately maintained yard is a great place to for a yoga session or evening campfire. Relatively reasonable rates and the included breakfast make this Inn one of the best values around. Don't make the mistake of staying for just one night! The owner and operator, Tim, is one of the many special things about this place. He is a gracious host who tends to every detail and he would also make a strong case for "the most interesting man in the world" (a la the Dos Equis ad campaigns). Tim has an incredible way of telling stories and connecting with his guests. He also buzzes the Overlook almost every evening in his post dinner plane flight and he hides out in Mexico during the winters. Interacting with Tim during your stay is a must! #local #hiddengem #secluded #bedandbreakfast
Posted by Frazier Garland
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