Tico-Tico Bar
Winding the clock back, not necessarily as far as you might think, Strait Street in central Valletta was THE dodgy part of town. The red light district. The street loaded with bars frequented by unsavoury people doing unsavoury things. Fast forward to today and, though there are remnants of Strait Street's past (don't miss the various signs advertising long-closed bars just above eye level along the street) still visible - the majority of the bars are long gone. That is, except, for Tico Tico. This place isn't particularly fancy, nor should it pretend to be. The drinks here are cheap and the times here are good. For those looking for a night out without dipping too deeply into your pocket? The happy hour here is definitely your scene. Leave the craft beer and fancy wine lists for other venues - this joint is all about having a ball without breaking your budget. #malta #valleta #cheapbeer #divebar #funbar
Posted by Harri Delf
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