Mong Kok Dawn markets
The Dawn Market is less-known compared to many of HK’s famous markets. Even locals won’t know about this market unless they live close to the area. Only open past midnight and well until 6am on Boundary Street, this illegal night market is ran by the older generation, who sell anything from clothes, plushies to small electronic items. It’s a great place to bargain. The spot is also popular among home aquariums enthusiasts, who would visit with a bright flashlight in hand to take a good look at the bagged goldfish that are sold on the street. In the 60s to 70s, hawkers also sold food along the market, but as authorities have began to close down illegal street markets, the thriving scene is slowly disappearing. #dawnmarket #hongkong #history #market #vintage #clothes #bargains
Posted by Alison Fung
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