Shinagawa Goos
Eat at an authentic ramen stall. A hot piping bowl of soup in the cold weather is always welcoming, especially when it is a bowl of tasty ramen. Japanese cuisine has garnered an international following including ramen. Though the origin of ramen may be traced back to China, it is the Japanese whom elevates it to its current cult status. On a cold lonely winter night, after a day of mind-numbing work at the office located in the Shinagawa ward, I slipped into one of the ramen stalls at the much talked-about Shinatatsu Ramen to warm my tummy and my heart. The hour was considered late for dinner and it was quiet in that small cramped eatery. That cold and lonely late night, accompanied only by the familiar self-service menu order machine and the chef hard at work behind the counter, with me hugging close to my bowl of steaming savory noodles, still returns as a bittersweet memory. #dinner #ramen #winter #japan
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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