Old Armory BBQ
I’m a SUCKER for BBQ, especially really great homemade BBQ. I had heard that Old Armory had amazingly tender and delicious ribs. I couldn’t wait to try them. I instantly became disappointed because they ran OUT! They must be some ribs. I settled on the pulled pork and quickly found this was not settling!!! The tender juicy 20 secret ingredient rubbed pork melted in my mouth. I hate to admit it but this was better than my mom’s...shhhh..don’t tell! Paired with house made pickles (what is up with Decorah and their house made EVERYTHING!!! I love it.) and homemade baked beans with chunks of deliciously smoked meat. That was some goooooood BBQ! I can’t wait to go back for the ribs, now who’s with me???? #decorah #goodeats #bbq
Posted by Casey Sheppard
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