Restauration, in the Hotel Winneshiek
The historic Hotel Winneshiek is legendary. Did you know that President Obama stayed there? The restaurant in the hotel offers a small yet sophisticated menu, perfect for a president yet fitting for the locals. Sitting outside in the shade with a pleasant evening summer breeze, we ordered a bottle from their half price bottle of wines (Thursday nights only) and the bacon wrapped beef medallions. Sipping on the deep red, my dinner was set in front of me perfectly dressed to impress. Cutting into the tender meat it was perfectly cooked and with the first bite....heaven. The medallions where spiced with grilling spices of pepper, garlic, salt, onion while the bacon was smoky, sweet, and slightly charred. The full flavors of this meal had me mmm-ing and awe-ing til the very end! #decorah #hotel #goodeats
Posted by Casey Sheppard
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