Red Star Graveyard
Along the side of a train line in the north of Budapest lies an abandoned train graveyard. The platform of Istvántelek faces the site and can be reached fairy easily from the centre of Budapest. Stepping outside however gives onlookers a very different feel to the civilized bustle of downtown. Brambles, broken glass, snapped and burned planks of wood cake the floors of these depots. Some areas here really have been left for well over half a century! The history of this area in fact stems back over 100 years from its first construction by the Hungarian State Railway. The depots were primarily used for repairing locomotives. Every wagon undoubtedly has a story of their own since this era. As you brush past these rusting frames, you really do get a feeling for the long journeys they've endured. The buildings interspersed around the complex reminded me of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. The imposing water towers looming over buildings added to that feeling and eeriness. It's even believed than many train cars from this yard, transported Hungarian Jews to this very camp. What a harrowing thought. Getting in requires a bit of perseverance but once inside you'll have most of the compound to explore to yourself. #trains #history #darktourism
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