Kathryn's experience in Muscat
Islamic Information Centre
We didn’t even know that the Islamic Information Centre existed until we were approached by a volunteer in the Grand Mosque who told us to pop by after we’d had a look around. Our curious souls lead us to an experience that really stood out in our trip! We were welcomed with dates and coffee and assigned a volunteer who talked us through the making of the Mosque, his religion and what it means to his daily life and also life in Oman. The volunteers give their time to help break down the barriers between the West and the Middle East where religion is concerned and provide an unbiased space to open your mind and learn a bit about the world! We thought we’d spend around 15 minutes there but ended up there almost an hour! It’s a way to experience Omani hospitality at it’s best! Just follow the signs for the Information Centre! #free #omani #experience #meetthelocals #personalexperience
Posted by Kathryn
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