Pamyatnik V. I. Leninu
If you have been traveling in Russia since long enough, you're probably used to Lenin statues... but the one in Ulan Ude has got a world record! It's the world's highest Lenin's head statue. Yes, it's in the Guinness' Book. Built in 1971, this statue was meant to attract tourists from all over the world... and it works! In 2011, even the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il came there especially to see the sculpture... Located in the center of the city, on the Soviet Square, it's also a landmark for locals, and you ll probably see some people taking pictures in front of the statue on their wedding day. It's 7,7 meters high, all in bronze. It in the center of the city, on the Impressive. #statue #art #lenin #free #ulan-ude #russia
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