Popeye Village
If you want to knock a few years off you then go to Popeye village. It's all about having fun. For those of you who are familiar with Popeye, you'll know that there is almost no better setting than by the sea. This bay therefore fits the bill. The village was created in 1979 for the 1980's Hollywood musical Popeye, which starred Robin Williams. Sadly the actor passed away in 2014 but the legend of Popeye lives on. You can be a film star for five minutes here, tap your toe to the sailor theme tunes or simply marvel at this great location surrounded by turquoise water. The bay in which Popeye village is located is in fact named Anchor Bay after divers supposedly found a bunch of anchors on the sea bed. We spent a good three hours playing Olive and Popeye whilst reminiscing about where the next can of spinach was coming from! #themepark #activekids #familyfriendly #fun #attraction
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