Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park
This is a more accurate picture of the colors seen at Danxia Landforms (the famous rainbow mountains of China!)...the googled pictures are pretty intense and overly photoshopped it seems. BUT obviously, it's still beautiful. There are hoards of Chinese tourists but anyone who's traveled in china knows that's unavoidable and not a reason to skip these magnificent places. Also all the tourists go to the same spots and so far I've been able to find solitude in these parks just fine. In fact, I came in on the way less popular easy entrance of this park and ended up hiking in to a beautiful spot to watch the sunset BY MYSELF. And there were plenty of trails to go farther. It is possible. Anyways this place was beautiful and please message me if you want more details on how to get some solitude and good hiking done here. #photography #views #familyfriendly #park #activekids
Posted by Nichole Roether
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