Harri Delf's experience in Bristol
The Bristol Fringe
The undeniable King/Queen of the Clifton live music set, the Bristol Fringe is THE place to check out if you're into live music and dancing. This little bar packs the punters in like you wouldn't believe for rowdy musical evenings loaded with great tunes and great times. There's something happening here just about every night of the week - weekly Open Mic nights, live acts of descriptions too numerous to list in this word count and, the unquestionable darling of the set, Jazz! Fringe Jazz kicks off every Wednesday night in this dedicated-to-music venue and is definitely one of the best nights out in any part of Bristol. Get up close and personal with musicians, both local and visiting, and get your dance on! #bristol #cliftonvillage #pubsofclifton #pubs #thebristolfringe
Posted by Harri Delf
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