67 Kapitali
67 Kapitali is easy to find in Valletta - look for the Guiness sign that's been painted over (with bright blue paint!) and emblazoned with the words "craft beer". That's 67 Kapitali in a nutshell - irreverent, fun, all about departing from mainstream beer and sharing craft beer with guests. The decor is casual but welcoming and the staff chilled-out, chatty and friendly. 67 has the distinction of being the only bar in the entire country to offer (outside of the Brewery itself) the entire range of Lord Chambray, Malta's best craft brewer, beers on tap. Add to this the fantastic shared platters, notably with local cheeses and Antipasto, and your afternoon is well and truly sorted out. #malta #valletta #67kapitali #craftbeer #lordchambray
Posted by Harri Delf
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