Sahara Experience
Wow. I was very fortunate to have Khalid Ait Haddou introduce himself to me as my driver and not a guide for my Sahara experience to Merzouga.  I can say, he is not only a very good driver and knowledgable guide, he is now a friend too. He took me where I needed to go and then some. He has friends all over and made my experience a wonderful one. He knew exactly what I wanted to see and photograph and never failed to show me a beautiful location, a good spot for picking up gifts or where to get free wifi.  He also advised on the right amount to tip people too so I was fair and not ripped off, and spoke in Arabic or Berber where I needed help. My Sahara Experience was a magical one and I cannot recommend this company enough. The car was a Toyota Landcruiser that was very comfortable and spacious. It was also super fun in the sand dunes. I look forward to having a mint tea with Khalid again and having another Sahara Experience. #high-end #luxurytravel #driverandguide
Posted by Paul K Porter
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