Tai Hang Lin Fa Kung
There are over hundreds of temples in Hong Kong, scattered around the city and hidden behind residential buildings. Most temples are built in the traditional rectangle layout, where two smaller chambers flank the largest, that houses the reigning Buddha of the temple. One unusual temple stands the grounds against the hills of Tai Hang behind tall high-rises. The Lin Fa Temple is the only octagonal temple in Hong Kong and houses the Kwun Yum, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. 'Lin Fa' means a lotus flower in Cantonese, and those who are familiar with the goddess will know that many ancient drawings of the goddess depict her sitting on a lotus flower. Locals believe this is the reason why Lin Fa Temple is built in an octagon, to resemble the lotus flower. #linfatemple #temple #monastery #hongkong #todo #octagon #architecture #pagoda #chinesegods #cultural #architecture #history
Posted by Alison Fung
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