Biker's Caffe
No matter where you roam in Old Dubrovnik, the sense of awe and beauty when you set your eyes on marble streets, baroque monuments or distinctive terracotta terraces never fades. Once you have had your fill of popular tourist spots, take a walk in the immediate neighborhood. Most of the popular apartments or hostels are nestled inside heritage building around here, that can be reached only by a plight of old styles stairways.  (Yes, be prepared to carry your luggage, kids, and strollers.) We were put up at a cozy apartment near this cafe. A friendly local tells me, there are at least 100 steps each way from these apartments, whether you want to head to the outer ring road or inner streets. BUT but you also get to capture some of the best views along the way as you go up or down the elevation, just like these.   #gallery #statue #free #history
Posted by Mandavi Jaiswal
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