Chilkoot Charlie's
With its dim lighting and floor littered with Pull Tabs, this gem will please any dive bar connoisseur. The place is a veritable complex of at least 4 bars (not sure if I have even found them all yet!) with enough nooks and crannies to carve out a spot of your own or jump right into karaoke, stand up comedy or open mic night. There is a nice back patio and a couple of small pinball and arcade halls located somewhere within the labyrinth that is Koots! Frequent live performances and local DJs also make the place hop on the weekends. They usually have at least one $3 pint option on draught and the hefeweizen quenches my thirst just right I tell you what! There are no happy hours allowed in Alaska so it's nice to be able to have a place where you can always find a reasonably priced pint. Don’t miss the Alleyway Grill which is located in the establishment (included next on this list!). #karaoke #livemusic #snack #open-late #burgers #beer #bar
Posted by Frazier Garland
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