Středověká Krčma Písek u Jakuba
In Krčma there is a captivating atmosphere from the moment you walk through the door. In fact the service is a little different with wisecracks towards customers a regular occurrence. The restaurant shouts out all things medieval from candle lit dining rooms to thick, oak tables and sheepskin rugs on the benches. Skulls and crossbones deck out the interior amidst creaking doors to the washrooms. There is also no mobile reception inside and don't dare ask for the WiFi password! Regarding the food, don't expect it to be vegetarian friendly. A meat platter of four different animal varieties is blatantly filling. The beer was perfect and prices were great value. On Saturday evening there are performances which cast you back to that period fire jugglers might have once been as popular as popstars. #medieval #czech #costume #performances #dinner #lunch #restaurants
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