Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
One of the most impressive pieces of paintings I've seen was on the first floor of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam by Cesar Boetius van Everdingen. It depicts a woman warming her hands over a brazier. The attention to detail is outstanding from different shades of an eyelash to the finest detail of a face on an earring. Then there are famous masterpieces such as Rembrandt's Nightwatch and Vermeer's Milkmaid yet the complete oeuvre of Cesar impressed me more. It's advisable to book ahead in order to be one of the first through the door, thus avoiding too many obstructed heads in front of your chosen painting to gape at throughout the day. Furthermore, taking as little as possible will prevent you from having to queue again for the cloakroom. The museum if anything is more of a historical art gallery and focuses mainly on paintings over anything else. As for the  building it's impressive, covering four floors and numerous stairways and lifts. For those missing out on availing ticket for the Van Gogh museum you can still catch a glimpse of his work here. Adults tickets cost €22.50 and is worth every cent whether you're into art or not. #museum #education #history #art #gallery #culture #famousartists
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