Harri Delf's experience in Bristol
Society Café
Society Cafe, located on the old Harbour in the centre of Bristol, is a brilliant option for some coffee 'n' chill time. Take the time to kick back in the main sitting area, laden with verdant ferns and greenery, and sip on some of Bristol's best grinds. There are a multitude of sweet options, from cakes to little bites, on display by the main counter - if you can drag yourself away from the freshly-made sandwich bar with laden with colourful and inviting savoury lunches. Alternatively, if you're keen on a spot of people-watching, the outdoor area sits next to one of the busiest pedestrian areas in the city. There are few better spots to sit back and watch it all go by. #bristol #bristolcoffee #bristolcoffeeshops #bristolcafe #societycafe
Posted by Harri Delf
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