Sean's Spring Guest house
A lot of foreigners come to Lijiang to eventually do the 2-3 day Tiger Leaping Gorge trek. In walnut grove, a little past where most people end their tiger leaping gorge trek at Tina’s guesthouse lies Sean’s spring Guesthouse. There is one very big reason to go here (yes the view is amazing but they all have very amazing views). There’s BATHTUBS. I’ve never even seen this in china. And how perfect after a long hot dusty trek. Or just because. Walnut grove has its own great hiking around and this guesthouse is right near the access to get down to the middle gorge to see the water. Note though you don’t have to do the trek or any hiking to come here. If you have one night to get out of Lijiang and just relax around some beautiful views this is the spot. Bathtubs. And they’re deep. #hotel #breakfast #dinner #snack #free-wifi
Posted by Nichole Roether
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