Nana Original Thai Food (Golden Mile Complex)
Golden Mile Complex is known as Little Thailand in Singapore where you can find your fair share of local Thai cuisine. Na Na is one of the biggest restaurants here and claims to open 24 hours to satisfy your craving for Thai food at any time of the day. I would think the Thai food here is as authentic as we can possibly find on this island. Thai food is known to be sweet and spicy so if you have a sweet palette and a stomach for spiciness, you are likely to enjoy it. Start with Thai iced tea and make your way down the long list of menu. You may think you have stepped into a time warp as you enter Golden Mile Complex. This place here has a palpable Thai vibe with the merchandise on display, Thai music blasting on the stereo and spices teasing your senses. Ticketing vendors offering bus trips into the neighbouring towns and cities can be found lining the entire corridor on the first level. Visit here on the eve of a weekend night and you will see swarms of people waiting for their coach to pick them up for their weekend away in Malaysia. Dozens of people can be seen seated on the concrete steps or herding together in muted tone. In their midst are backpackers as they set to venture further away in Southeast Asia. It does make me look back to my backpacking days with fondness! #open-late #thai #food #foodietour
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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