The horizon line of the capital of the Canton of Ticino is formed by a triad of the best preserved medieval castles-fortresses in Switzerland, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The names of this castles are Castel grande, Sasso Corbaro and Montebello; the city is Bellinzona. Its characteristic corners and squares, its streets, the neoclassical theater and the perfectly restored ancient residences testify to the visitors the history of this city of Lombard culture and has got the ability to take visitors back in time. Richly decorated hotels and beautiful churches embellish many alleys. But the austere charm of this medieval city also hides the energetic vitality of a modern crossroads dedicated to exchanges and meetings. They are the several boutique, the delicatessen shops and cafes inviting to stroll and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. On Saturdays, Piazza Nosetto hosts a large weekly market you cannot miss to buy local and to have an occasion to meet the citizens. But there is another moment you can meet someone of the city that will have time to spend with you : Many people gather in Bellinzona to celebrate the Carnival event with parades of masks, attended by adults and children, performances by musical bands, and competitions to elect the best masked. It is the Rabadan. The strategic position which it is located in, makes of Bellinzona the gateway to Alpine passes, such as the San Bernardino Pass and the San Gottardo Pass. Two spectacular and unforgivable ways to cross the several mountains of Switzerland. You can reach also Monte Carasso to try the Tibet bridge inserted within a circular hiking trail that starts and arrives from the town of Sementina. History and unusual panoramas are waiting travelers than know how to appreciate them. This is Bellinzona
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