Monte San Salvatore & Funicular
San Salvatore is one of two peaks towering over Lugano. It can be scaled in less than 15 minutes by funicular and rises to over 900 metres above sea level. Whilst the journey up by these means is a hefty 28 CHF per person the ride and view from atop just about makes up for it. The ticket office clerk was polite and obliging, allowing me to film the whole process of availing the ticket and entry to the carriage. The funicular climbs 45 degrees at quite a lick passing through a narrow pass between shrubbery. Five minutes into the journey the red funicular grinds to a halt before passengers are required to change carriages for the final leg of the track. There is a restaurant with terraces, walking paths and numerous benches for visitors to enjoy a spread of views of many parts of the zigzag shaped lake. #peak #funicular #mountain #views #lake #paradiso
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