Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola
Hotel Castagnola is princely in appearance with a relaxed ambiance undulating throughout the grounds. The tasteful garden sloping up from the gate to the front entrance cries out to be walked through. The lawn is peppered with banana trees and date palms making for a rather idyllic setting. What I instantly liked about the hotel is its 1920s feel. It adopts an air of faded gentility as guests are waited on hand and foot by waiters with bow ties. A woman sitting alone in a brimmed hat and glass of bubbly looks out pensively to the garden. It adds to the feeling of yesteryear. As far as the cocktails went they were everything I'd hoped for. At 20CHF for a long drink, it was no pricier than in any other high-end hotel or establishment in a world class city. The difference is this is Switzerland, where costs are reputably high, but for the best contender in Lugano the bill came as no shock. After sinking six drinks between the three of us and handfuls of cashew nuts, Queen olives and canapes, I avoided having to pay three figures. Thus, I left satisfied. Three cocktails, two mocktails and a panaché came to an agreeable 90 CHF. #cocktails #grandhotel #fine-dinning #fivestarhotel #lugano #lakeview #gardenterrace #Castagnola #canapes
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