Marsaxlokk Open Market
The fishing village of Marsaxlokk, pronounced with a sh sound on the x has an impressive history. Turks apparently moored their fleet on these waters, Napoleon placed his army there in 1798 and Bush and Gorbachev even held a summit on a war ship off the coast. Come here on Sunday for the best day to experience the fisherman bringing in fresh produce. It's also the only day they sell directly to consumers. Other days they make a journey around the island often offloading their catch near the Capital, Valletta. I felt fortunate to have arrived on a Saturday ready to gawk at the melange of vegetables, seafood and fish first thing on Sunday morning. Red snapper, bass, mackerel, octopus, squid, shrimps and even eel were just some delights you are able to feast your eyes on. Make sure you're up and out here early in order to make the most of what's on display. By 1pm the vendors will be packing up and thus you'll miss out on most of the action. Owing to the fleeting tourists and fisherman, the harbour promenade can be calm one moment and yet full of life another. #marketfood #market #fish #fishingboats #harbour #malta #marsaxlokk #stalls
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