Woodruffs Organic Cafe
Stroud is a quirky little town often thought of by some as being the wild west of the Cotswolds. It's only here that you'll come face to face with new age hippies, Rastas and topless skinheads covered in tattoos in a spate of about an hour. That was my last experience anyway! The town features the first ever organic food café which can be found almost at the top of High Street. The cafe's location is perfect for seeing green fields in the backdrop. Given the town is at the foot of three or four joining valleys it can be coined the star of Stroud certainly in a geographical sense. The T-shirt shop, run by a New Zealander, prints most of their garments with 'I'm from the Republic of Stroud' resembling that of the Vietnamese flag. Its individuality certainly make it stand out from the more straight laced sister towns and villages. #cheap-eats #cafe #breakfast
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