Sai Wan Swimming Shed
The last remaining landmark of its kind in Hong Kong, The Sai Wan Swimming Shed has witnessed the demolition of other swimming sheds in the city. By the 60s to 80s, the government built a number of swimming sheds around Hong Kong with facilities that included lockers and changing rooms, which were available for HK $120 per month. Many went to enjoy the sunshine and water on the weekends, as swimming pools were rare and expensive. As the city expanded with landfills, water pollution greatly affected the quality of the water, leading to the demolition of all the sheds. The Sai Wan Swimming Shed, facing the vast ocean with little obstruction, is a beautiful spot to head to, to get away from the crowds in the city center. #hongkong #todo #swimmingshed #nature #ocean #saiwan #swimming #todo #free #trail #hiking #views #photography
Posted by Alison Fung
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