328 Katong Laksa
In my faint memory, there used to be more than one stall selling the infamous Katong Laksa along East Coast Road. Words had it that there was a family feud and each was then selling their own version of this family recipe. Now, there is only 328 Katong Laksa and it has even made its way into the Michelin guide. It has stood at the familiar Katong Laksa hunting ground at the junction of Ceylon Road except that it now has bright orange stripes across its vinyl façade and big neon signage. There are many places offering this dish though Katong Laksa will always have that special place in my heart with its generous share of cockles and creamy laksa gravy. I like it that the noodle is trimmed down to snappy bits so you can scoop these in mouthfuls just using your spoon alone. There is always the tendency to slurp up the last sip of this coconut milk concoction which can be bad for your cholesterol! #food #local #golocal #breakfast #lunch #eastcoast #foodietour
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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