These Are the 10 Best Places to Drink Pulque in Mexico City
Pulque is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from agua miel, the sap from a variety of the agave plant called maguey. Pulque has been important throughout the history of Mexico. In pre-hispanic times, it was sacred. Many gods were associated with the beverage, and it was used in religious and ritual contexts. After the Spanish conquest, pulque gradually lost its religious significance and became a popular beverage for everyone. In the centuries following, pulque went through cycles of booming popularity and phases of prohibition. Most recently, the beverage is experiencing a boom, and trendy pulquerias can be found popping up all over Mexico City. You can try pulque in two ways: curado (flavored) or blanco (unflavored). Because of the fermentation process, pulque is probiotic, so the health benefits could be compared to kombucha. The taste and texture, though, are unique. You can judge the quality of pulque by its viscosity; when you take a drink, you should feel a subtle “string” from the glass to your mouth. Here are the best places to give it a try.
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